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Ring Making Machine
Ring Making Machine
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Description of ring making machine:
This machine is suitable for forming steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire and other nonfeffous metal wires (round, square or flat) into ring, half ring or any arcs.

Main features of ring making machine:
-- Servo motor feeding wire, high precision and high speed
-- Full hydraulic drive, stepless speed changing
-- Digital display plus encoder for setting length and cutting automatically
-- Quantity can be pre-set and machine can stop automatically when accomplishs the quantity, counter imported from 
-- One small hydraulic motor for all driving & cutting, saving electric consumption.
-- Gears are made by 40Cr, adjusted and quenched, HRC 52-55, shafts are made by 45# steel, hardened & tempered
-- Feeding & straightening and forming rollers are made by good steel alloy, heat treated HRC 58-62

Main technical data of ring making machine:




Suitable material

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Suitable wire diameter



Suitable ring diameter



Finished ring diameter tolerance


Linear feeding speed


Main driving motor power

Servo motor 2.2kW

Power supply

220V, single phase


More than 20 pcs/min

Machine dimension

1350 x 900 x 1450mm

1980 x 900 x 1670mm

Machine weight



Product classification

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