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Paper Stick Machine
Paper Stick Machine
Description of paper stick machine:

This paper stick making machine is designed and produced as per national sanitation standard, with auto feeding, auto wrapping, auto gluing. It is used to produce cotton-stick or lollipop base straw with high speed, full automatic, easy operating and maintaining.

Main features of paper stick machine:
-- Adopts inverter control, with well work speed and overload protection.



Paper stick length


Paper stick OD


Production speed

600-800 pcs/min

Total electric power


Machine dimension

1750 x 750 x 1650mm

-- Adopts electromagnetism metering pump, to control gluing exactly.

-- Feeding device work with auto-control tension, ensure paper feeding stability.

-- Equipped with manual-adjust flexible rectifying device for quickly adjusting feeding accuracy.

-- Programmable control, decreasing mis-operation.

-- Infrared constant temperature drying output is optional.

Main technical data of paper stick machine:

Product classification

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