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Fence Mesh Welding Machine
Fence Mesh Welding Machine Fence Mesh Welding Machine
Description of fence mesh welding machine:
This machine is designed for welding fence mesh, which is used in rail, expressway, bridge, warehouse and buildings, etc.
This machine is comprised of wire pay-off stands, wire straightening device, welding head, woof wire feeding device, mesh pulling device and unloading rack.
According to different requirements, woof wire feeding can be continuous by wire reel, or automatic by wire rods.

Main features of fence mesh welding machine:
-- PLC control, full automatic
-- Space between longitudes is pre-adjusted before welding
-- Space between each woof can be preset in the PLC

Main technical data of fence mesh welding machine:



Suitable wire diameter


Welding aperture

25x25mm ~ 200x200mm

Width of fence mesh

Max. 2500mm

Length of fence mesh

Max. 5000mm

Number of welding spots


Welding speed

30 times/min

Towing motor power


Welding transformer capacity


PLC & inverter

World famous brand

Machine dimension

8480 x 3160 x 1700mm (loaded in one 20’ container)

Machine weight

About 4.2T

Product classification

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