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Auto Serpentine Tube Bending machine
Auto Serpentine Tube Bending machine
Description of auto serpentie tube bending machine:

This machine is specially for bending multiport flat aluminum tubes to be serpentine shape for condenser and evaporator purpose.

This machine is comprised of coil tube pay-off stand, straightening device, auto feeding device, auto bending head, stretch cutting device.

This machine is PLC control, HMI operation. Feeding length, bending radius and bend quantity can be preset on the touch screen and the program can be saved for future use.

By using servo motor feeding and ball screw transmitting, repositioning accuracy is very high.

Sketch of serpentine tube core:

Serpentine tube in condenser

Photo of serpentine multiport flat aluminum tube in condenser and evaporator:
Evaporator in serpentine tube structureCondenser in serpentine tube structure

Main technical data of auto serpentine tube bending machine:



Suitable multiport flat aluminum tube

Width 19-44mm x thickness 4, 5, 6mm

Suitable flat tube reels

ID 500mm, OD 1100mm, height 400mm

Core length


Max. bending quantity


Pneumatic pressure


Hydraulic pressure


Total motor power



220 cores per shift

Machine weight

About 3000kg

Machine dimension

About 15000 x 2400 x 1900mm

Main configuration of auto serpentine tube bending machine:
-- PLC & HMI: Delta from Taiwan

Note: Serpentine tube bending machine for round tubes are also available.

-- Servo motor and driver: Delta from Taiwan

-- Ball screw: best brand from China

-- Approaching switch: Omron from Japan

-- Circuit breakers and leakage protector: Schneider from China


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