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Nantong Zhenhuan Trade Co., Ltd appoints MANA POLYMER ARMAN CO. to act as selling agent to sell the commodity in Iran
 Our company Nantong Zhenhuan Trade Co., Ltd appoints Mana Polymer Arman Co. to act as selling agent to sell the kneaders and relative machines in Iran.

 In 2015, we sold one 200L vacumm kneader to 
Mana Polymer Arman Co., their CEO Mr. Rahim Sadeghi is satisfied with our machine and good service.
 Now, their company is our sales agent in Iran. All the Iran customers can contact him and can see our vacuum kneader's working.
  Mr. Rahim Sadeghi (CEO)
  Khorasan Razavi-Km 10 Road Mashhad Ghochan
   -Khorasan Science And Technology Park 
  Mobile: 98-9153219204 
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