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Exclusive Sales Agent In Iran Our company Nantong Zhenhuan Trade Co., Ltd appoints Mana Polymer Arman Co. to act as exclusive sales agent to sell the kneaders and relative machines in Iran.
In 2015, we sold one 200L vacuum kneader to Mana Polymer Arman Co., their CEO Mr. Rahim Sadeghi came to visit our factory, he is satisfied with our factory, our machines and...See more

Nantong Zhenhuan Trade Co., Ltd. locates in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, only about 2 hours' drive from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. We, established in 2004, are a private owned manufacturer and export agent of quality fabricating machinery, specialized in roll forming machines, HVAC duct machines, tube/ pipe forming & processing machines, metal processing & forming machines (shearing, cutting, punching, pressing, stamping, bending, folding, spinning and ...

Tel: +86-513-87628369
Fax: +86-513-87635890
MB: +86-13962724758 (Franks Cao)
          +86-15262775225 (Lily Bian)
          +86-13626278212 (Aileen Chen)
          +86-15996654590 (Carol Sun)
           +86-13485105931 (Cherie Mao)
Email: Zhenhuan@zhenhuan-machine.com
Skype: frankscao
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