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Nantong Zhenhuan Trade Co., Ltd. locates in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, only about 2 hours' drive from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. We, established in 2004, are a private owned manufacturer and export agent of quality fabricating machinery, specialized in roll forming machines, HVAC duct machines, tube/ pipe forming & processing machines, metal processing & forming machines (shearing, cutting, punching, pressing, stamping, bending, folding, spinning and ...

Tel: +86-513-87628369
Fax: +86-513-87635890
MB: +86-13962724758 (Franks Cao)
          +86-15262775225 (Lily Bian)
          +86-13626278212 (Aileen Chen)
          +86-13485180173 (Susie Zhang)
Email: Zhenhuan@zhenhuan-machine.com
Skype: frankscao
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